So..I am ITU long distance World Champion -what a day!

went Without any expectations, but having a feeling of having been training hard for the last months… and then  finally I did it, I got to be an ITU World Champion in my agegroup… well yes, in Triathlon, that in the end got to be a  duathlon due to poor weather conditions. But woooouuuhhh how I feel great now. 1 month ago I would never have believed it. I was getting really fit but tired after months of working/biking on Mallorca. Really tired. Then my training was made in a very different way, and slowly I started to turn around.
and yes, the last week up to the race, I finally became fresh, and so ……..We made it :-)

hard day in the office ...

hard day in the office …

first is always first :-)

first is always first :-)

Sometimes it is good to do something, that you don’t really focus for… like I did today:
I went for the first place and really I got it this time…
Long distance triathlon, that should have been 4 km swim, 120km bike and 30km run… got to be 9.5km run 87km bike 20km run. Love the experience in duathlon, but NO I dont want to change… I miss the swim part of it…
And this time, as being in France the french want to make it in a really french way: lots of mountains… lots of rainy and cool weather… uphill downhill… Can I learn something… yes… french do all in french way… :-) Even the last part of the run was uphill!
So I love when the route is difficult on the bike, as it goes against any that are drafting……and yes, it is a bigger and bigger problem.
The backside of this is…..when the downhill becomes a real decent…that is ok….but then when it is wet and rainy….then I start to lose time….big time!
So the plan was simple, HIT it all the way, and dont fall on the bike. Just dont fall, as Kona is only some months away, and that is the biggest race this year. That was the plan, and that is how it went.
This was the way to become ITU champ this time, and I am very happy, and thankful, that the result came. It was a long way this time.

Keep your training going and you will be on the podium, even your own personal podium is good, just go for it.
..and I tell you, it feels good to be on the highest ;-)









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