The spring is on the way

There is no other possibilities to survive the long winter in Denmark, than trying to look everything positive  :-) Read how you can do it

Since we came home from the Canaries, there has been freezing cold in Denmark. Every night below 0 degrees, even during the daytime. And we are getting tired in scrapping the ice windows on the car at 6 AM before going to morning swimming training to Kildeskovshallen!!! But the good news are: the day has got longer since the darkest day in a year of 43 min!!! So the spring is closer every day, and the sun is higher every day. Actually what I wanted to say is, that it is important not to start to focus on what you cannot do;  like biking outside, and getting bored to sit in a spinninghour, or sitting on a powertrainer… But instead try to focus on all the great things you still can, as you CAN run outside, even the temperature is below 0, and you can pack yourselv with warmclothes and jump on a MTB and have a ride, something different!  In Denmark it is not normal to have temperatures below 0, like it has been this winter, so everyone is talking about how cold it is. Let me tell you something:

As I grew up in Finland, it never was a point of not being able to train outside, when freezing. There was a “Golden rule”; if the temperature falls below 15 degrees, then you stay in, else you can hurt your breathing organs, lungs etc. Until that it is no problem. So, when I tell my friends that I run outside in -7 degrees, they just dont understand how I can, and keep questioning; is it not too dangerous…and finish then saaying that oh yes, you come from Finland, ofcourse…

When we were living in the Alps, we used to exercise something called “randonneé”. That is when you have special climbing skiis and bindings, as well as “skins” under the skiis, that able you to walk on the slope upwards. Really great condition training, but also enjoyable way to enjoy the nature and downhill skiing. This kind of skiing you can do as well outside the slopes, but only if you are experienced on the mountains. You have to know how the snow is behaving, where you can climb and where you can ski, else it is a too be risk reagrding the avalances. We started our hobby first with local mountain guides, and with the years, we got some experience, and could do it as well by ourselves. Still nowadays, if we go for skiing to the mountains, we enjoy some of the time by doing randonnee. Actually it is a kind of training, that is a lot similar with crosscountry skiing, and heartbeat is getting easily up to 80-90% of maximum in the thinner air :-) And if you are living in a country or in that part of Denmark where there is snow, use the chance, get on the crosscountry skis, start nice and easy, and soon you can stay 2 hours on the skis, coud not be better condition training than that! 

So I just wanted to say; keep smiling, spring is on the way, see you out in the fitness center; SATS og Kildeskovshallen!!!

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