The Race Food

When and what do i eat before a race ?
For the Ironman event, I eat 3 hours before. Oatmeal porridge, berrys, banana, coffe, and some fresh fruits.
Then i drink water at small amounts all the way until 15 min before race start. I make sure that i dont get to much, because i dont like to have water laying in my stomach when i swim (wonder who likes ?) A general rule, is that a stomach can take about 0,7 Liter of water out of the stomach and into your body per hour. The more thick the liquid you put down there is, the longer it takes to get out into your body/cells. It is alway good to train / write down these things, so you remember and build knowledge of how you react on these things.
1 hour before race start, i might nip on some kind of energybar, whatever i feel like at the day, not to much, just to keep the mind aware, that i intend to put energy down during the day, so it dosent start to shut down the stomach.
This set-up could work for a 1/2 ironman also, and for Marathon running. Make you own adjustments, and good luck. Kaisa.

Dont eat pure cabohydrates (sugars) just before you start your race !!!
It is kind of a long doctor explanation, so to make it simple:
Beeing at normal state or even at rest, pure sugar will spike your insulinlevels high, as the sugar is registreted in you body/brain.
This will the open your cells more than normally, and the sugar will acces very fast into them, and burn of as energy, without you actualle need it.
If you wait until you have started your race or workout, the body is reciving the sugar in a different way, and the brain is sending different signals to the body, making it brun the sugars in a more moderate pace and therefore the sugar will be used when needed and at a good speed.

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