The Training Food

 How to manage the 2 hour run or a 5 hour bike without eating?

This is a question that many of my “not Ironman” friends and collegues frequently ask me.  And then it is just to explain them that it is very important to get lots of sugar during the training session, that lasts more than 1 hour. Sometimes people they think that it is all about loosing weight or something like that, but NO, it …is something about getting correct nutrition and energy to be able to run/cykle long and even fast.

I have changed my energy source to be gels and generally in liquid form, meaning that in the training sessions and also in competitions I take the energy as sugar in my drinking water or in form og gel. Before I preffered to use  sportsbars, as they were a bit more “filling” and took the hunger feeling away. And ofcourse they are tasty compared to the packet of gel, that sometimes can be even disgusting and for sure oversweet to get swallowed down:-) This change I did as I felt that the energybars dont give me energy fast enough, and they actually were filling too much. The gels and stuff like that goes down, and will get burned at once:-) I always try to change the taste of a gel when on the bike and run, so I dont start to feel nausea or vomiting during my training… This summer I have got this to work well! Ofcourse it is always a bit of a scock for my body to get so much sugar during training, as I normally try to avoid sweeties, but normally it works out fine. 

So all and all, try like this;

1. It is quite normal to try to get around 1gr carbohydrate per kg you weigh in an hour

2. Remember to try the racing food in your training

3. The amount carbohydrates might variate depending the air temperature, like you need more in warm temperatures, and less when it is cold

4. These days you can read a lot about the slow and fast sugars, dont worry find a gel that you like, try and if it wors great!

5. In temperatures 22-24 and over I for instance use myself the HighFive Isotonic energypulver, good stuff:-)   

 There are ofcourse always individual changes in these amounts, so it is just to try, feel and act after that!

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